Whiskers & Wiggles Purify Hypoallergenic Wipes for Cats, 100 Count

    • When your cat gets into something stinky or dirty and needs a quick spruce up, you'll be glad you have these gentle hypoallergenic wipes in your kitty travel kit.
    • These pet wipes, made without SLS and parabens, clean and condition your pet's coat using aloe and Jojoba seed Oil, providing smoothness & shine.
    • If your cat's skin needs a little extra TLC, you'll appreciate how mild these wipes are; you'll get all the cleaning with none of the irritation.
    • The Green apple Scent will have your kitty smelling clean and perky in no time at all.
    • Gentle, cleansing cat wipes are perfect for quickly wiping down your furry friend; just work from behind the ears to the back of the tail, avoiding eyes.
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    Whiskers & Wiggles' Fun and functional pet Supplies make caring for your precious kitty effortless and enjoyable! Whiskers & Wiggles cat Grooming supplies are Wacky, colorful, and fun... Just like your pet! Whiskers & Wiggles purify hypoallergenic wipes for cats are here to help you shower your cat with some love! This gentle formula cleans fur of pesky dirt and dander, while neutralizing odors. Fruity green Apple Scent leaves your cat smelling purr-fect between baths!

    Directions: gently wipe down cat from back of head to tail, avoiding the eyes. Dispose of wipe in trash, do not flush. Reseal inner sticker and close when not in use.

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