Wags & Wiggles Time Release Odor Eliminator Spray

    • Be prepared for the moments when your dog leaves behind an unwanted surprise with this odor fighting solution.
    • In order to get your home smelling fresh again, and keep it that way, this special time release formula continues fighting odors long after treatment.
    • Remove unwanted smells from floor coverings, upholstery, floors, furniture, and household surfaces with this powerful cleaner.
    • The delightful lemon lime scent helps you get the air in your home smelling clean and fresh in no time.
    • Wags & Wiggles Odor Eliminator is perfect for use as an air freshener or for soaking stains on fabric or flooring.
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    Let's face it: new puppies and older dogs sometimes make smells that are less than pleasant. When your furry friend leaves you a gift that you don't want to keep on giving, destroy it with Wags & Wiggles Time Release Odor Eliminator Spray. Its powerful formula attacks pet odors on the spot, allowing you to get your house back to normal and move on with the more fun aspects of dog ownership. This deodorizing and cleansing solution begins working immediately and penetrates deep down to combat and eliminate odors. It's great for potty training and housebreaking your pup, and since it eliminates the scent of urine, it naturally deters your four legged friend from marking again in the same place. With its tropical lemon lime scent, it refreshes your home and keeps everyone wagging and wiggling.

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