Wags & Wiggles Small Male Wraps, 12 Count

    • Wags & Wiggles disposable male wraps are ultra-absorbent, making them the perfect choice for traveling, potty training, incontinence, and keeping your floors dry at all times.
    • These male wraps for small dogs feature a secure and adjustable tab with a fur-friendly fastening, which will help keep your home dry and you pet comfortable.
    • Male dog diapers are made with a special barrier for exceptional leak protection that keep urine inside.
    • See the size chart for fit details, and be sure to measure your dog before selecting a size.
    • Wags & Wiggles is all about making caring for your pet easy and fun! These male wraps for dogs feature an adorable print that you and your pup will love.
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    Wags & Wiggles offers a range of everyday lifestyle products including dog diapers, shampoos, wipes, grooming tools, puppy pads, and more! Wags & Wiggles' fun and functional pet supplies make caring for your precious pup effortless and enjoyable! Wags & Wiggles dog and puppy supplies are wacky, colorful, and fun...just like your pooch!

    Bid farewell to messes with Wags & Wiggles Disposable Wraps for male dogs. Designed for comfort and a secure fit for your dog, these super absorbent, breathable, and leak-proof wraps are the perfect solution to help protect your home, furniture, and floors! Male wraps for dogs will come in handy when traveling or potty training. Dog male wraps will also be your savior when it comes to male marking and excitable urination.

    Instructions: Step 1: Place the wrap over your dog's genitals with the absorbent pad facing inward. Step 2: Pull the adjustable tab over his back and fasten for a snug and secure fit.

    Safety information: This product is made to be used by pet parents for the hygiene of their dogs. Keep out of reach of children and animals. Discard if damaged, loose, or exposed. This is not a toy.

    Warning: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep all plastic bags away from babies, children, and animals. Do not use in cribs carriages or playpens.

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