Wags & Wiggles Large Nail Clippers for Dogs

    • These Wags & Wiggles nail clippers will provide a precise, clean, and stress-free cut for your pup.
    • These powerful dog nail clippers are made with high-quality stainless steel blades that stay sharp to ensure a clean cut every time.
    • These dog nail trimmers are made with a built-in safety lock for storing when not in use. Be sure to engage the safety lock.
    • The nail clipper handles are perfectly curved to fit in the palm of your hand so you don't experience hand fatigue. They also feature a rubber grip to prevent slipping.
    • Taking good care of your dog's nails means less scratching on people, delicate furniture, and doors. Having well-maintained nails is also better for your pet's well-being.
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    Wags & Wiggles offers a range of everyday lifestyle products including shampoos, conditioners, sprays, wipes, grooming tools, puppy pads, and more! Wags & Wiggles' fun and functional pet supplies make caring for your precious pup effortless and enjoyable! Wags & Wiggles dog grooming pet supplies are wacky, colorful, and fun...just like your pooch!

    Wags & Wiggles TRiM Nail Clippers For Dogs are designed to trim the nails of medium to large breed dogs and puppies. These nail clippers will help you trim your canine's nails with accuracy during your at-home grooming sessions. The handles on these dog nail trimmers are ergonomically design with a curve to perfectly fit in the palm of your hand. The ergonomic handles help reduce hand fatigue and ensure that you are comfortable and safe the entire time you are trimming and maintaining your dog's nails. The sturdy, easy grip handles are also non-slip. The powerful, high quality stainless steel blades are sharp to ensure a clean cut every time with a single, stress-free stroke.

    When you are not actively using the Wags & Wiggles TRiM Nail Clippers, engage the safety lock.

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