Wags & Wiggles Freshen Deodorizing Wipes for Dogs, 100 Count

    • When your dog gets into something stinky or dirty and needs a quick spruce up, you'll be glad you have these gentle deodorizing wipes in your doggie travel kit.
    • These pet wipes, made without SLS and parabens, clean and condition your pet's coat using aloe, oatmeal, and cucumber, providing smoothness & shine.
    • If your pup's skin needs a little extra TLC, you'll appreciate how mild these wipes are; you'll get all the cleaning with none of the irritation.
    • The Fresh Strawberries scent will have your pooch smelling clean and perky in no time at all.
    • Gentle, cleansing dog wipes are perfect for quickly wiping down your furry friend; just work from behind the ears to the back of the tail, avoiding eyes.
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    Dirty dog? The mild cleansers in Wags & Wiggles polish multipurpose wipes for dogs deodorize, freshen, and clean without irritating pups' sensitive skin. These dog wipes condition, soothe, and bring your dog a shiny coat by using high quality aloe vera. The convenient size of these dog cleaning wipes makes them perfect for tossing into your doggie adventure bag when it's time to hit the dog park or the trail. When the messy fun is done, just rub your buddy down with a few of these refreshing dog wipes and he'll be ready for more civilized occasions. Use multipurpose dog cleaning wipes to clean dog paws or clean dog coats after play time.

    Directions: Gently wipe your pet with wipes for dogs from ears to back of tail avoiding eyes.

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