Shout for Cats Turbo Oxy Urine Destroyer

    • Be ready for any surprises your cat leaves on your carpet, rug, flooring, or other surfaces with this miracle spray cleaner and deodorizer.
    • Lift stains & odors with the natural cleansing power of our oxygenated formula.
    • Remove unwanted marks and smells from all kinds of fabric and household surfaces with this trusted solution.
    • Our fresh scent fragrance refreshes the air in your home and provides a clean, healthy feeling.
    • Shout for Cats Turbo Oxy Urine Destroyer is perfect for saturating stains; just blot up the excess moisture and allow the spot to dry naturally.
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    Shout for Cats Turbo Oxy Urine Destroyer works twice as hard as other leading oxy cleaners to remove stains and odors instantly. Our proprietary oxygenated formula goes into overdrive to produce results fast! Powerful on set in stains while gentle on carpets, fabric, and furniture, this deodorizing and disinfectant cleaning spray uses oxygen's natural lifting and cleansing properties to target unwanted pet stains and destroy them. When you're training pets, It's also an excellent deterrent. Our formula goes to work on animal urine odors in order to completely eliminate all evidence and prevent re-marking. With this deep penetrating solution that cleans all the way down to your carpet's subsurface, you'll be prepared for any issues your cat or kitten sends your way.

    Directions: blot and/or remove any excess solid or liquid waste. Saturate the soiled area with cleaner and allow 3-5 minutes to penetrate stain. Blot excess moisture with a cloth and repeat as necessary. Allow the area to dry naturally. Repeat as necessary.

    Warning: keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wash hands immediately after use. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water immediately.

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