Nickelodeon Rugrats Chuckie Finster Figure Plush Dog Toy, 9 Inch

    • Everyone's favorite football headed fourth-grader from the Nickelodeon 90s tv series is back to hang with you and your pet. This Hey Arnold Figure dog toy is the perfect addition to your dog toy basket.
    • The soft, cute and cuddly Hey Arnold toy for dogs is the plush buddy your furry buddy has been looking for to make everyday like 90s fun.
    • Not only is this dog toy adorable and cute, but it also has a fun noise making squeaker to keep your pet companion endlessly entertained.
    • Officially licensed by Nickelodeon, this Hey Arnold dog toy is the real deal. No worrying about fakes or copycats here! Only the highest quality for your dog.
    • Add this dog toy to your dog toy basket for a safe toy your dog will enjoy in their dog toy bin.
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    90s Nickelodeon TV Shows like Rugrats are back with the Rugrats 9 inch Chuckie FInster Figure Plush Dog Toy for all dogs. Adorable, cute, plush, snuggly, and fun to play with, this soft fabric dog toy is great for all dogs. This toy for dogs features the Rugrats worrywart Chuckie Finster. This friendly 2-year old is worried about everything but always joins his Rugrats friends in on their adventures. Let your pup join Chuckie, Tommy, and their friends Angelica, Susie, Lillian, Kimi, Dil, Stu, Didi, Charlotte, Betty, Taffy and the others as your pet plays with this Rugrats dog toy. Rugrats toys from Nickelodeon are great for playtime both indoors and outdoors. Add this plush dog toy to your dog toy bin or dog toy box and see how it instantly becomes your pet's new best friend. The dog toy features a noise making squeaker to add entertainment and keep your dog occupied for hours on end. Safe and free from hard plastic parts, this is a dog toy for all dogs. As with all dog toys, always supervise your pet when they play with dog toys. Never leave pets alone with dog toys to ensure safety. YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR PRIORITY: If you have any questions or feedback about this product, please reach out to us directly at

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