Martha Stewart Massage Bristle Brush with Adjustable Strap

    • Martha Stewart Pets massage brush is made with soft natural bristles, which remove shedding hair and debris as well as follow the form of your pet's body.
    • The round rubber comfort pins on this dog brush massage the skin for a soothing feeling your dog will love. Your dog will actually enjoy being brushed!
    • The massaging motions stimulate natural oil production, leaving your dog's coat smooth and healthy.
    • This dog brush is made with an adjustable hand strap, making grooming comfortable for both you and your pup.
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    Martha Stewart has been a trusted source on all things lifestyle for over 30 years. As an avid animal lover and pet parent to several dogs including champion Chow Chows, she's been fully engrained in the pet industry, serving as a resource on how to best care for, train and live with pets. Every product in the Martha Stewart line is hand selected by Martha as she takes a practical approach to pet care, ensuring quality, function and innovation.

    Martha Stewart Pets grooming tools are built to make you and your pet's grooming experience comfortable, safe, and all around enjoyable. All dog brush handles are lightweight and are ergonomically designed. For the massage brush, the adjustable strap keeps your hand in place so you can confidently groom your pup at home.

    This Martha Stewart Massage Bristle Dog Brush is ideal for all breeds and coat types. This dog brush is suitable for both long-haired and short-haired pups and is a great brush for pets with matted hair. The Martha Stewart Pets dog massage brush is made with natural bristles, which help safely remove unwanted shedding hair and debris collected from your canine's last outdoor stroll. These bristles follow the form of your pet's body, while the round rubber comfort pins massage the skin. Your dog will love this soothing feeling! Best of all, the massaging motions from brushing stimulate natural oil production, helping your pet's coat stay shiny and smooth. Maintaining a regular grooming routine should help keep your pet happy and healthy!

    Directions: Stroke the coat in the direction of hair growth. Designed to follow the form of your pet's body. Gently massage the coat while brushing to stimulate natural oils throughout the fur. Repeat until coat is smooth and shiny.

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