Martha Stewart Jumbo Activated Carbon Training Pads, 50 Count - 28" x 30"

    • Martha Stewart pets training pads for dogs and puppies absorb odor and pet urine with 5 layers of leak-proof technology. These puppy pads can hold up to 4 cups of liquid!
    • Puppy training pads work to absorb urine rapidly while your pet is using it. This helps prevent tracking and urine paw prints around the House.
    • the polymer layer in these dog training pads turns urine into a gel, making for super easy clean up.
    • Dog pads are great for use at home, in the car, or in a puppy crate when you are on the go.
    • These training pads, measuring 23 x 23 inches, are suitable for new puppies, senior dogs, and all dogs who are trained to go inside.
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    Martha Stewart has been a trusted source on all things lifestyle for over 30 years. The pet space is no exception. As an avid animal lover and pet parent to several dogs including champion chow chows, she's been fully engrained in the pet industry, serving as a resource on how to best care for, train and live with pets. Every product in the Martha Stewart pets line is hand selected by Martha as she takes a practical approach to pet care, ensuring quality, function and innovation. Martha's pet supplies for dogs embody these qualities and are here to make caring for your dog simple and stress-free. Martha Stewart Jumbo Puppy Pads offer 5 layers of leak-proof protection that hold up to 4 cups of liquid! These pads measure 28 x 30 inches (71. 1 x 76. 2 cm).

    Directions: Place dog pad on floor with plastic side down and gray side facing up. Familiarize your pet with the puppy training pads by gently placing your dog on the pad several times to sniff. Repeat this throughout the day, especially after eating or drinking. Reward your pets when they successfully relieve themselves on the wee pads. Gradually move puppy pee pads closer to door to teach them to go outside. If your pet has an accident, bring him/her to the potty pads to reinforce correct use. Remember to dispose of soiled training pads for dogs and replace as needed.

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