Martha Stewart Waste Bag Dispenser with 30 Waste Bags

    • The Martha Stewart Pets waste bag dispenser and bags for all dogs are dog supplies that create a convenient way to hold your dog bags. The dog waste bags fits snugly in the dog waste bag dispenser; grab doggie bags whenever and wherever.
    • Dog bag dispenser comes with a fashionable strap that attaches to your leash or bag, so that when you need a dog bag, you can find it with ease! No need to worry about where to keep your waste bags, and no losing your pet supplies.
    • The pet waste Bags are leak-proof, so you don't have to worry about waste leaking through the pet bag, for a stress-free walk with your pup.
    • The doggy bags are tear-resistant, allowing for a fast and easy pick-up; you will not have to worry about getting stuck on a walk with a torn dog bag.
    • The waste bag dispenser comes in an adorable multi-colored pouch with a dog bone design, so you can have the cutest pet supplies for dogs. Each bag measures 8. 6" x 12. 5" (21. 8 x 31. 7 centimeters).
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    Martha Stewart has been a trusted source on all things lifestyle for over 30 years. The pet space is no exception. As an avid animal lover and pet parent to several dogs including champion Chow Chows, she's been fully engrained in the pet industry, serving as a resource on how to best care for, train and live with pets. Every product in the Martha Stewart Pets line is hand selected by Martha as she takes a practical approach to pet care, ensuring quality, function and innovation. Martha's pet supplies for dogs embody these qualities and are here to make caring for your dog simple and stress-free. The Martha Stewart Pets Waste Bags and Dispenser for All Dogs will make cleaning up after your dog easy, clean, and convenient. These doggie bags are unscented, which is ideal for sensitive noses or those who do not desire an overwhelming fragrance. Each waste bag measures 8. 6" x 12. 5" (21. 8cm x 31. 7cm).

    Directions: 1. Take your Martha Stewart poop bag and pull it over your hand like a glove. Pick up waste with your bagged hand. 2. With your other hand, grasp open end of the poop bag and pull it inside out. The waste will now be inside the bag. 3. Gently tie and knot the end until completely closed. Dispose of safely.

    WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep all dog bags for poop away from babies, children, and pets. Do not use plastic doggy bags in crates or carriers.

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