Looney Tunes for Pets Bugs Bunny Rope Head Stuffed Dog Toy

    • This fabric Bugs Bunny dog toy with a rope is the plush buddy your dog needs to join in on the "Looney Tunes" fun. Great as a toss toy or as a chew toy, this dog toy offers a world of possibilities.
    • Made from durable canvas fabric, this dog chew toy is just what your dog needs for an entire afternoon of fun.
    • Officially licensed by Warner Brothers, this Looney Tunes dog toy is the real deal. No worrying about fakes or copycats here! Only the highest quality for your dog.
    • With no hard plastic, sharp corners, or edges, this Looney Tunes toy for dogs is super safe without any choking hazards for you and your pup.
    • Fabric toys like these are great for all dogs, whether you have an itty bitty small dog or a large breed sized dog. Get your pup playing with it and he'll never want to stop.
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    What's up, doc? Everyone's favorite bunny is back and ready for playtime with your pup. Officially licensed from Warner Bros, this Looney Tunes toy for dogs is soft, stuffed, and still durable. The stuffed dog toy has Bugs Bunny's face prominently displayed on the front, with Bugs' soft ears poking straight up. The back of this dog toy is a solid light grey. The toy has a grey and black interwoven rope handle, making it a versatile dog toy with which your dog can play for hours on end. This toy for dogs is officially licensed by Warner Brothers, meaning you won't have to worry about any copy cats or fakes. A dog toy for all dogs, the Bugs Bunny toy is fun for everyone. Made from plush fabric and without any dangerous bits of hard plastic or choking hazards, this is a dog toy you can feel good about letting your pup play with.

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