GNC Pets ADVANCED Hip & Joint Cats Supplements in Chicken Flavor, 60 ct

    • Contain premium ingredients to promote healthy joint function and mobility
    • Delicious chicken flavored soft chews for cats are an easy alternative for cats with an aversion to pills
    • Premium formula contains natural ingredients like glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin to help improve your cat's hips and joints
    • GNC Pets products are proudly made in the USA
    • Give cats up to 10 lbs 1 soft chew and cats 11 lbs and over 2 soft chews
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    If you're wondering how can to ease your cat's hip and joint pain, the answer is GNC Pets Advanced Hip & Joint Soft Chews for Cats. This 60 count of chicken flavored soft chews for cats make it easier than ever for your kitty to get the necessary nutrients it needs for optimal joint and hip health. The delicious chicken flavor of these chews will make your cat look forward to better health. Ideal for joint health and mobility, this cat supplement has a premium formula of high quality ingredients including glucosamine, MSM, and chondroitin. Help your cat feel better in their hips joints to make getting up and getting down much easier. Intended for adult cats 6 months of age and older, this cat joint supplement will get your cat on a clear path to better living.

    Feeding Guidelines: Give cats up to 10 lbs 1 soft chew and cats 11 lbs and over 2 soft chews.

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