Glad for Pets Disposable Waste Bags Containers Tropical Breeze Scent, 45 Bags

    • Dog poop bags make cleaning up after your pet quick and easy! The handy waste bag dispenser and dog poo bags are must-have dog supplies.
    • These Glad for Pets unscented doggie bags are heavy duty and tear-resistant.
    • Glad for Pets dog poop bag holder snaps to most dog leashes, so you'll never be without a fresh bag.
    • These poop bags are made from heavy duty material for ultimate holding power and sanitary poop pickup.
    • Glad doggy bags with the dispenser are handy in the car, camping, or anywhere you take your pet.
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    Never find yourself in left in a lurch without a waste bag again when you're out with your pet. These waste bags come with a handy disposable dispenser with an elastic loop that attaches to most leashes so you'll always have them available. And, the tropical scent makes them smell good, too. Bags are perforated so you can grab one easily and include handy tie tabs so you can finish up quickly after Fido does his business. Not strictly for outdoor use, They're also perfect for inside your home for your other animals that may leave an unwelcome gift or two for you on your floor or furniture. Pick it up, tie it up, and toss it in the trash. It's that easy! Handy in the car, camping, or anywhere you take your pet. Made from heavy duty material for ultimate holding power.

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