Friends TV Show "Joey Doesn't Share Food" Dog Food Placemat

    • This dog placemat is an officially licensed pet product from Warner Bros
    • Dogs eat better and drink their water more safely with the non-slip silicone bottom of this SpongeBob dog food placemat
    • High quality dog placemats for food and water help keep your home mess-free by preventing spillage and leaks
    • To clean this dog food placemat, simply wipe off excess food or water from the surface
    • This dog placemat for dog food and dog water bowls measures 19" x 12", making it the perfect size dog placemat to put under your pet's dog food or water bowl
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    No one told us dog food placemats were going to be THIS cute! Be there for your furry FRIENDS with the Central Perk "Joey Doesn't Share Food!" Friends Dog Placemat.This easy to clean dog food placemat is a durable solution for keeping floors mess-free. The non-slip silicone bottom of this dog placemat helps prevent food spills and accidents. This dog placemat is an officially licensed Friends Pet Product, meaning your pet will get the real deal. Pet placemats from Frien are leak proof to help keep floors clear of messes. Easy to clean pet placemats can be cleaned by simply wiping food or water off of the surface with a wet towel. Have fun with Joey, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe as your pet dines in style.

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