Fresh Step Extendable Litter Scoop

    • Fresh Step cat litter box scoop handle extends up to 12 inches, making clean up super simple and convenient! This pooper scooper is easy on your back and great for litter box cleanup.
    • Litter scoop comes with dust reducing hood which helps catch unwanted dust, makes using cat litter scoop more sanitary and more efficient.
    • Using cat scooper is simple, just push the button to extend and retract the handle. This kitty litter scoop makes it that much easier to clean your cat's litter box.
    • The extendable sifting litter scoop is easy on your back, just push the button to extend and retract handle.
    • To clean the cat scoop, just rinse with mild soap and dry.
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    Fresh Step is a brand committed to making the world a more welcoming place for our feline friends and their owners. When a cat has found his rightful place in your home, no matter how he got there, Fresh Step is here to step in and ensure that your house still smells like you, and not your new four-legged companion. Keeping your cat's litter box and surrounding area clean is necessary for the health and wellness of the home. It's this rationale that drove the development of the Fresh Step litter box products. With clever design and innovation, kitty cleanup just got easier! Fresh Step Extendable Litter Scoop takes the hassle out of cleaning your litter box. The cat litter box scoop comes with a handle that extends up to 12 inches! With this innovative feature, you won't have to bend down to get at those hard-to-reach corners of the cat pen. The pooper scooper is easy on your back and great for your litter box. The cat litter scoop also comes with a dust reducing hood, catching unwanted dust. This makes using the poop scooper more sanitary and more efficient because it gets the dust out of the way when cleaning. This is especially helpful for anyone with a dust allergy/sensitivity as it keeps the dust levels of the litter box under control. The litter scooper comes with a built-in scraper as well, which helps remove heavier messes for a better clean. With the Fresh Step cat pooper scooper, your guests will feel welcome in your home, even around the litter pen. The scooper will help you maintain a sanitary atmosphere within your litter box; having a cat has never been so clean! Using the kitty litter scoop is simple, just push the button on the lower back side of the scoop to extend and retract the handle. It is also easy to clean the scooper, simply rinse with mild soap and dry. If you want a litter box scoop that will make cleaning your cat pen faster and more convenient, then this is the cat litter scooper for you.

    Tip for cat owners! Keep pooper scooper on the side of your litter box for easy access. If litter box does not have a hook on the side, try attaching a removable stick-on hook. This will make the process of cleaning the litter box even more convenient!

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