Fresh Step All In One Litter Scoop with Ergonomic Handle

    • Multi-angle scoop base helps easily isolate sifting between large and small clumps for a faster.
    • Sift through both large clumps and small clumps with this all-in-one cat litter scoop.
    • Easy-to-hold cat scoop handle has textured sides, a non-slip grip, and an ergonomic design for easy holding to scoop away cat litter.
    • The push counter hook provides more leverage on scoop while reinforced bridge enhances strength to effectively scoop away cat litter.
    • Easy to clean, this durable cat litter scoop helps keep your home fresh and clean every time.
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    Get the scoop on the easiest way to clean up after your cat with the Fresh Step All in One Litter Scoop. This cat litter scoop presents an innovative way to achieve a complete clean. The ergonomic litter scoop handle filters clumps of all sizes from the litter pan, bringing you an efficient and effective way to clean. The scoop's handle features a wide ergonomic grip that makes it easy to hold. The matte finish, textured sides, and non-slip thumb pad further enhance the grip and the push counter hook provides more leverage for a sturdier scoop. On the scoop itself, the larger slots enable faster sifting for large clumps, while the smaller holes help sift small clumps. The cat litter scoop has a multi-angle base to help isolate sifting between large and small clumps. The multi-angle scoop base helps isolate sifting between large and small clumps for better control. To quickly and easily scoop away cat litter, this cat scoop has a reinforced bridge for strength. Sturdy, durable, and easy to clean, this is your all-in-one-solution for cleaning up after your cat.

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