Fresh Step 4 in 1 Deluxe Clean Up Kit Includes: Litter Scooper, Dust Pan & Broom and Caddy

    • Fresh Step 4 in 1 Deluxe Cleanup Kit includes a pooper scooper, dust pan, broom, and caddy, all the cat supplies you'll need to keep your litter box fresh and clean.
    • Use the litter scoop to collect cat feces and sweep surrounding area for excess litter with the broom; the cat accessories work together to keep your litter box clean and organized. Both cat litter scoop and broom fit in caddy.
    • The caddy conveniently hangs on the side of the litter pan, so all of your cat stuff is within reach, making daily litter box maintenance quick and easy.
    • This kit will work with disposable litter boxes, plastic litter pans, and litter box liners, plus the caddy solves the problem of where to keep your cat scooper. Your kitty litter scoop will be readily available right next to your cat box.
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    Fresh Step is a brand committed to making the world a more welcoming place for our feline friends and their owners. When a cat has found his rightful place in your home, no matter how he got there,

    Fresh Step is here to step in and ensure that your house still smells like you, and not your new four-legged companion. Keeping your cat's litter box and surrounding area clean is necessary for the health and wellness of the home. It's this rationale that drove the development of the Fresh Step litter box products. With clever design and innovation, kitty cleanup just got easier!

    The Fresh Step 4 in 1 Deluxe Cleanup Kit will ensure your litter box remains clean, organized, and presentable. The super handy kit comes with a pooper scooper, dust pan, broom, and caddy. All of your cat supplies in one place! The kit is versatile and will work with disposable litter boxes, plastic cat pans, and litter box liners. And if you already have a cat scooper in your possession, it's always great to have a spare!

    Have a litter box scoop and nowhere to put it? Then this kit is for you! Buying the 4 in 1 kit, which comes with the cat pooper scooper and other great accessories is the best way to go. You will have everything you need to maintain an organized and clean litter box. With the Fresh Step 4 in 1 Deluxe Cleanup Kit, your guests will feel welcome in your home, even around the litter pen. You will be able to easily maintain a sanitary atmosphere within and around your litter box; having a cat has never been so clean!

    Directions: To clean your kitty litter scoop, simply wash with soap under warm or cold water. Then towel dry the scooper with a small towel, paper towel, or rag. The litter scooper is small and simple to clean, and when clean can easily be placed back in the caddy.

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