DC Comics for Pets Superman Logo Cuddler Dog Bed, 24" x 19" x 8"

    • This elevated dog bed from Superman DC Comics is an officially licensed product of Warner Bros
    • The raised dog bed from Batman makes this a perfectly comfortable dog bed for your pet to take naps in or sleep all night long
    • Now you can share your love of Superman with your pet with their very own Superman logo dog bed
    • This is the perfect dog bed for small dogs or dog bed for large dogs. It measures 24" x 19" x 8"
    • This dog bed from Superman is easy to clean by placing it in the washing machine
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    Let your four-legged best friend dream of crime-fighting with Clark Kent in his Superman Logo Dog Cuddler Bed. Your dog will love his very own Superman dog bed, made with a raised rim for optimal cuddling and coziness. Your pup's cuddler dog bed is made with super soft polyester. This is a great dog bed for all dogs, both big and small. The dog cuddler bed is an elevated dog bed that promotes total comfort. This makes it great for dogs that want to take naps during the day or get a good night's sleep. This raised dog bed measures 24" x 19" x 8" and is made just for your superhero dog. Help your pup feel secure, safe, and ready for fighting crime with his new favorite dog bed. Spot clean as needed or toss in the washing machine.

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