CHI Double Sided Shedding Rake And Blade for Dogs

    • The rake reduces shedding, helps work through mats and tangles while removing loose hair in the undercoat.
    • The blade tooth edge removes loose hairs from the topcoat, keeping the coat shiny and healthy.
    • This CHI dog grooming tool uses Ionic Technology to help reduce static electricity in hair.
    • The ergonomic soft grip handle ensures comfort while grooming your pet.
    • Keep dog relaxed. Hold paw gently, but in a secure manner. Be cautious of the blood vessel that runs down the center of the nail, try to locate and avoid cutting it. In a 45 degree angle, trim nail using single/steady pressure.
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    CHI For Dogs provides high quality tools for your pet's grooming needs. Developed using the same superior technologies as the CHI human lines, all products are designed to take exceptional care of your dog throughout the grooming process.

    Directions: Shedding Rake: Brush the coat first to loosen mats. Place the rake under the mat with the dull side against the pet's skin. Place your fingers between the rake and the skin to prevent pulling of the skin and discomfort. Slowly move the rake through the mat with a saw like motion to cut through the mat.

    Shedding Blade: Stroke with the toothed edge along the coat. Work from the head to tail, stroking small areas at a time. Be careful not to apply too much pressure. To assist with mat removal, use the CHI for Dogs Oatmeal Conditioner. After using the Shedding Rake, brush through the coat to collect loose hair and debris. Demat before bathing. When necessary, follow up with CHI for Dogs Detangling Spray.

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