CHI Slicker Brush for Small Dogs

    • This CHI Slicker brush for cats is a self-cleaning cat brush.
    • Comfortable and easy to use, this brush is great for all cats.
    • The pivoting head is contoured for hard-to-reach areas, making this a supremely effective cat brush.
    • The brush helps remove loose hair while reducing matting.
    • With an easy to use ergonomic soft grip handle, both owners and cats stay happy and feel great.
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    The CHI for Cats Slicker Brush is an easy way to keep cats clean and their fur smooth. The slicker brush for cats removes loose hair, helps keep hair shiny and healthy, and has an easy to use ergonomic soft grip handle to make it comfortable for owners to hold. The pivoting head makes this cat brush self-cleaning, effective, and efficient.

    Directions: Brush in the direction of hair growth. Start at the rear of pet and work your way forward. Brush before bathing. Press button on back to release hair from bristles. For best results brush daily.

    Warnings: Use with care.

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