CHI Cat Small Nail Clippers

    • The CHI for Cats Nail Scissors features high end stainless steel blades.
    • These nail scissors for cats keep your cat's claws neat and trimmed.
    • A simple, easy, and effective way to keep your cat groomed, these CHI for Cats nail scissors are great for all cats.
    • This cat grooming product is developed with the same superior technologies as the CHI human lines.
    • Designed for excellence and precision, CHI for Cats keeps cats looking and feeling their best.
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    The CHI for Cats Nail Scissors help you groom your cat's nails in a clean and comfortable way. These cat nail scissors are solid, firm, and easy to use. Great for grooming your cat, this tool helps keep your cat's nails short so they don't ruin upholstery, furniture, or clothing.

    Directions: Hold your cat on your lap and gently expose claws by squeezing their toe. Clip sharp tip of claw below the quick (the pink part inside). If the quick is cut by mistake, stop the bleeding by using a styptic pencil. To help keep your cat's claws in great condition, trim them every 2 to 3 weeks.

    Warning: Use with care.

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