AuraPet Aromatherapy Lavender Shampoo for Dogs

    • The AuraPet Aromatherapy Lavender Shampoo for Pets is a natural way to clean your pet's coat.
    • This natural dog shampoo helps manage oil to control dandruff in dog skin and coats.
    • Lavender is a naturally calming and soothing agent that will not only feel great on your dog's skin and fur but also work with it to prevent irritation.
    • Now your furry friend can join in on your love of aromatherapy with a pet shampoo that is specially formulated for them.
    • Simply apply this dog shampoo to your dog's wet coat and work through from head to tail while avoiding the eyes. Rinse, towel, dry, and send your dog on their way.
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    Give your furry friend the sensational experience they deserve with AuraPet's Aromatherapy Dog Shampoos. Available in four unique scents, these washes will leave both your pup and your home smelling fresh, clean, and at ease. The AuraPet Aromatherapy Lavender Shampoo for Pets is a calming and clean way to keep your pet looking and feeling their best. Made with natural ingredients, this pet shampoo will freshen your pet's skin and coat while combatting odors. It removes dirt and debris, leaving behind only the great scent of lavender. In addition to rose, the natural ingredients in this pet shampoo make it safe for all dogs to use. Lavender acts as a calming and soothing agent to prevent irritation and moisturize your pet's skin and coat. Get your pet feeling great and smelling their best when you use AuraPet. Enjoy aromatherapy for pets in a way that is safe for everyone with AuraPet.

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