Arm & Hammer Pet Scents Room Spray for for Pet Odor Elimination, Fresh Breeze

    • This deodorizing pet odor neutralizer combats pet odors to help eliminate pet odors from the home.
    • The signature Arm & Hammer baking soda ingredient naturally tackles pet smells and odors.
    • This pet odor eliminator simultaneously neutralizes pet odors in the home while freshening the air.
    • This pet deodorizer spray comes in a refreshing fresh breeze scent that both pets and owners love.
    • Great for all pet households, the room deodorizing spray odor eliminator from Arm & Hammer is a must-have for anyone with a pet.
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    The Arm & Hammer Pet Scents Room Spray in Fresh Breeze is just what you need to neutralize pet odors and keep a fresh-smelling, clean home. This easy to use deodorizing room spray takes care of unwelcome pet smells and odors by using the natural deodorizing power of baking soda plus a refreshing fresh breeze fragrance. This odor neutralizing room spray freshens the air while absorbing and removing all cat and pet odors. In a scent both humans and pets love, and in a formula that's safe for all, Arm & Hammer gets the job done right. The pet odor eliminator spray from Arm & Hammer tackles all kinds of pet smells to leave you with a home that smells fresh and clean. Easy to use and available in a convenient 18 oz pet spray odor eliminator bottle, this odor neutralizer spray for pets is the perfect complement to your household needs. Great for all pet odors, this pet odor eliminator spray mist absorbs and removes pet smells and odors, leaving your home smelling fresh and just how you want it.

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