Arm & Hammer Nubbies Gator Dental Toy for Dogs, Mint Flavor

    • Arm & Hammer Nubbies Gator Dental Toy is extremely durable, made for the most powerful chompers. This fun dental dog toy is an effective way to clean teeth while your dog has lots of fun.
    • This dental toy for dogs is made with super tough nylon and comes in a chicken flavor. It is cute, fun, and safe, making it an all in one solution for cleaning your dog's teeth without the hassle.
    • This toy's scrubbing grooves help remove tartar and plaque build up in your dog's teeth, maintaining a clean mouth and proper dental hygiene for your pup.
    • Available in a mint flavor your dog will love.
    • Made with baking soda-enhanced formula to help naturally deodorize.
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    Your dog will love this durable, super-tough chew toy. While Fido is having fun gnawing on this bone toy, the TPR nubs get up to the gum line for a good cleaning. The gator shape will keep doggy busy for hours. The constant scrubbing action from chewing helps remove tartar and plaque build-up, which will help your dog's teeth stay clean and free from dental issues. Of course, regular brushing is the best way to ward off bad breath, gum disease, and other mouth infections, but this tasty chew toy can help and it keeps your dog happy, too!

    Ingredients: Nylon and Mint Flavor.

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