Arm & Hammer Cat Dental Care Yummies Cat Treats, Tuna

    • Use these chewable cat treats to help control tartar in your cat's mouth, giving your pet the ultimate cat dental care.
    • The signature Arm & Hammer baking soda ingredient is included in this cat dental care product to control odors and keep your pet's breath fresh.
    • Cat treats from Arm & Hammer like Yummies are specially formulated to aid in hairball control, making your cat more comfortable and happier.
    • By helping to scrub away tartar and using the signature Arm & Hammer ingredient of baking soda, these cat treats freshen your cat's breath with ease.
    • By working to combat tartar, freshen breath, and control hairballs, Yummies from Arm & Hammer promote overall good dental cat health and hygiene.
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    Everyone knows that proper cat dental care is important, but getting there can be quite the challenge. Arm & Hammer Yummies Tartar Control Dental Treats for Cats make it easier than ever to give your cat a clean mouth and a treat all in one. These extra small cat treats combine the great taste of tuna with the power of baking soda to bring you a happy, healthy cat. The treats scrub away tartar, use baking soda to freshen breath, and work to manage hairball control for your cat. These treats for cats are so tasty and effective that your pet will feel like They're being rewarded, when really They're rewarding themselves. Help your cat whiten teeth, reduce tartar, and have fresh breath with the delicious taste of Yummies from Arm & Hammer for Pets. These cat treats are in size extra small, making them great for your little or small sized cat. Help your pet feel their best with Arm & Hammer for Pets dental care products.

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