Pet Industry Leader

Fetch for Pets is on a mission to bring the lifestyle and entertainment brands you love to your favorite furry friends. We believe that pets are family and want everyone in the home to experience the same fun, fashion, and convenience that humans do! It's this fur-ward thinking mentality that has made us the top pet product manufacturer since 2008.

Leading the pack in quality, value, and innovation, Fetch for Pets develops cross category product lines based on industry trend and retail demand. Our team of over 50 dedicated employees operate out of the New York City headquarters, with additional support nationwide. Fetch for Pets specializes in manufacturing and private label development. We also collaborate with retailers, brand teams, and factories to bring to market many of the products you see on shelves and digital storefronts today.

Always thinking ahead, we are Fetch for Pets: Innovation Unleashed.




We are passionate, driven and will tackle every opportunity that comes our way. We’re up for the challenge



We are dedicated to advancement with new products and brand innovations. Got a great idea? We have a solution to make it a reality.


Risk Takers

We seek to inspire and revolutionize the growing pet industry and have a track record of success that we’re proud of.



We’re eager to deliver and our unparalledled support team and staff are there every step of the way. We’ve go this.

Meet the Team

Steven Shweky
Steven Shweky Top Dog
Tiffany Salmon VP Licensing, Sales, & Marketing
George Tuttle
George Tuttle Director of Sales
Nancy Lee
Nancy Lee VP of Supply Chain
Gabriela Bazzini
Gabriela Bazzini Director of Marketing
Alvaro Segrera
Alvaro Segrera Senior Manager, E-Commerce
Dean Yu
Dean Yu Director, Production, Sourcing and QA
Catherine Sullivan HR Manager
SamanthaLieberman, Drector of Licensing
Samantha Lieberman Director of Licensing
Nate Matut
Nate Matut Account Manager / Executive Assistant
Shayna Rabhan
Shayna Rabhan Director of Product Development
Nelson Yan
Nelson Yan eCommerce and Marketing Design Manager
Mabel Parrales
Mabel Parrales E-Commerce & Marketing Designer
Rachel Chung
Rachel Chung eComm/Marketing Designer
Dani Aaronson
Dani Aaronson Account Manager
Katie Birney
Katie Birney Entertainment Designer
Joel Calumpong
Joel Calumpong Senior Product Developer
Joseph Chalom
Joseph Chalom Account Manager
Cynthia Chen
Cynthia Chen Production Assistant
Stacy Whitaker
Stacy Whitaker Customer Experience Manager
Mitsy Ducheine
Mitsy Ducheine Production Coordinator
Lila Fung
Lila Fung Senior Manager of Inventory Planning & Allocation
Caroline McIntosh​ Customer Manager​
Richard Goodrum
Richard Goodrum Senior National Account Manager
Jasmine Rojas
Jasmine Rojas Digital Content Manager
Rachael Gross
Rachael Gross Inventory Analyst/Planner
John Grossi
John Grossi Amazon Inventory Analyst
Josh Gustwiller
Josh Gustwiller Sales Assistant
Sarah Jiang
Sarah Jiang Inventory Analyst
Concepcion Sosa
Concepcion Sosa Associate Product Manager
Marissa Kactioglu
Marissa Kactioglu Senior Product Manager
Lillyanna Kle
Lillyanna Kle Product Development Manager, Grooming
Megan Cave
Megan Cave Inventory Analyst
Michelle Li
Michelle Li Production and QA/QC Manager
Nick Palchanes
Nick Palchanes Industrial Designer
Carey Wang
Carey Wang Asia Sourcing Manager
Skylar Zhu
Skylar Zhu Production Assistant
Jennifer Mahon Senior Manager of Domestic Production & QA
Nicole McDine
Nicole McDine Production Coordinator for Domestic Production & QA
Adriana Vladuca
Brianne Giacchi
Brianne Giacchi Sales Assistant
Gloria Yau
Gloria Yau Production Coordinator
Michael Conroy
Michael Conroy Account Manager​

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